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ASI Launches iMIS Advertising to Help Associations Maximize Non-Dues Revenue

ASI announces the launch of its newest module: iMIS Advertising, managing all types of media assets including display, classified, web ads, and more.

Alexandria, VA (October 14, 2021) Advanced Solutions International (ASI), the provider of iMIS — the world's #1 SaaS solution for associations and non-profits — announced today the launch of its newest module: iMIS Advertising. Learn more.

iMIS Advertising manages all types of media assets — anything with a rate card — including display, classified, web ads, list rental, multimedia packages, exhibit booth sales, and sponsorships from sale through insertion order and invoice. And it does this all within the powerful iMIS Engagement Management System (EMS)™. iMIS Advertising tracks every critical detail — from analytics and media order/asset management to sales commissions and billing — designed to help associations boost non-dues revenue growth.

To introduce the new module, ASI will host a webcast on Wednesday, October 20 at 12:00pm US Eastern. Associations can learn how they can use iMIS Advertising to easily manage all their advertising needs. Register here.

"ASI knows that advertising — along with sponsorships and exhibit sales — is the most significant source of non-dues revenue for associations — whether they manage their advertising operations in-house or use an outside media agency," said Raphael Badagliacca, Company Ambassador and Manager of ASI's Media Products. "iMIS Advertising empowers associations to maximize their revenue potential while optimizing their processes and increasing staff efficiency."

About ASI

ASI is a leading global provider of cloud software and services for associations and non-profits. We help clients digitally transform, streamline operations, and grow revenue through industry expertise, best-practice advice, and high-quality SaaS solutions. Our portfolio of solutions includes iMIS — the only engagement management system (EMS) purpose-built for associations and non-profits — and TopClass LMS by WBT Systems — the #1 association and continuing education learning management system.

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