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5 Ways to Increase Your Reach with iMIS Advertising

Discover how you can generate additional non-dues revenue for your association with the iMIS Advertising module.

Why Use iMIS Advertising

iMIS Advertising, powered by SpaceMaster, is a comprehensive tool that provides associations with complete control over their advertising program in order to boost non-dues revenue growth. It allows associations to manage all aspects of their advertising, sponsorships and exhibit sales with the ability to track many critical details for managing non-dues revenue. Some of these details include: analytics, media order management, media asset management, production management, sales commissions and billing. The module is native to iMIS, which means that associations can easily track ad sales performance, production details, and inventory.

iMIS Advertising


Successful Implementation: National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA)

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys logoImplementing the iMIS Advertising Module requires careful planning and execution to ensure a successful launch. Before beginning, it is helpful to outline what your organization hopes to achieve with the module and how you will measure your success. This is important as it will help guide the rest of the implementation process. NAELA’s goals are to leverage the module to generate more non-dues revenue, increase website traffic and provide a better process for staff entering and tracking advertising orders.

Next step: configuration. There are specific settings that must be configured before the module can be used to create orders. Raphael and Keith at ASI worked closely with John Consulting and NAELA to ensure that media assets, representatives, territories and commissions, mappings and production detail settings were all configured correctly. Their hands-on approach was very helpful in configuring and providing NAELA with the knowledge they need to use the module confidently.

NAELA staff now use the module and have successfully and independently been able to manage the order process from insertion to completion. Along with NAELA, we have begun mapping out processes that will automate staff procedures. We are currently prototyping a process automation that, upon an advertising order being placed, an email will be sent out to vendors letting them know that their invoice is ready to be paid. The email will provide a link to a page with their invoice and basic details about the order. This will alleviate the need for staff to gather and enter payment details from advertisers.

Media Orders Management in iMIS

With iMIS Campaigns, associations also have the ability to leverage iMIS further to efficiently plan marketing campaigns surrounding promotion of advertising products. NAELA is very excited about all the possibilities!


5 Ways to Increase Your Reach with iMIS Advertising

iMIS Advertising can be used as an effective way for associations to generate more non-dues revenue. The following are tips on using the module to increase your reach: 

1. Offer a variety of ad placements and generate engagement by marketing first come first serve on premium ad placements.

NAELA offers different types of ad placements on their website to appeal to a wider range of advertisers and to provide ad placements for various budgets. Some placements to consider are banner ads, sponsored content, newsletter ads, or video ads.

NAELA's website with an ad banner


2. Use advanced targeting options

Target icon

Use the targeting options in the iMIS Advertising Module to reach the right audience for each ad placement. For example, you could target ads to specific member segments or based on browsing behavior.


3. Create attractive packages

price tag icon

Offer packages that combine different ad placements and offer discounts or other benefits for advertisers. This can help to increase the value of your ad program and attract more advertisers. After configuration, we met with NAELA staff to discuss additional packages that could be offered based on placement and additional discounts to offer for package deals. All of this can be done directly in the module. You could offer a package that includes a banner ad, sponsored content, and a newsletter ad, with a 10% discount for booking all three placements.


4. Monitor ad performance

Use the reporting and analytics features of the iMIS Advertising Module to monitor ad sales performance and make adjustments as needed.

Person looking at iMIS dashboard


5. Promote your ad program

bullhorn icon

Market your ad program to potential advertisers through email marketing, social media, or other channels. Highlight the benefits of advertising on your website, such as your targeted audience and high traffic.


With careful planning, targeting, and monitoring, you can create an effective ad program that benefits both your organization and your advertisers all within the iMIS Advertising Module.

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