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Q3 2023 iMIS Product Update

Discover the newest updates to iMIS EMS like upgrade notifications for staff users, special pricing for products, source codes on orders, and more.

Want to jump to the product updates?

I’ve just returned from the ASAE Annual Conference, in Atlanta this year, where I was able to spend some time in the iMIS booth talking to current and potential iMIS users. It was great to have an opportunity to talk about the great things that we’re doing with iMIS!

An iMIS team member claps for an attendee who just won a t-shirt on the iMIS prize wheel


Guests of SUN+DAY FUN+NIGHT chat at the Tiki Bar at Margaritaville Atlanta


Now that summer is in full swing (for our Northern Hemisphere friends), conference season is upon us! By the time you read this, we’ll have spent some time at the NiUG User Conference in the Chicago area. I’m looking forward to connecting with the iMIS Community. Whether or not you make it to Chicago, join us for an iNNOVATIONS Conference in September or October. At these conferences, you'll learn from inspiring success stories, get the latest in product development, find new ways to maximize your use of ASI's products, and connect with like-minded professionals. A list of events can be found at

iNNOVATIONS Conference

UK, 14th September | USA, September 27-28 | Canada, October 19

We’re always happy to hear your product feedback, whether it’s feature requests or (especially) your iMIS success stories. You’re always welcome to reach out to us at Thanks to all of you who regularly contact us, and I assure you that we read and respond to each email. To see what some of our clients are doing with iMIS, look at our Great Things Award Winners. You’re sure to be inspired!


What's New in the Latest iMIS EMS Upgrades

Over the last quarter (or so), we’ve rolled out 2 iMIS upgrades, getting the great work that our developers are doing in your hands, so that you can put the latest enhancements to work for you. You can always find information on the latest updates on our What’s New page, including links to our full documentation. 

Here are some of my favorite enhancements you’ll find in these releases...

Apply special pricing to commerce products

Several years ago, we introduced group based special pricing for iMIS Events and iMIS users are putting that to work for them every day. What if... what if, we added that same type of special pricing for commerce products, so that you can apply those same pricing rules to the products that you sell on your website? Well... now you can! We have added group based special pricing for commerce products so that you can be sure your shoppers get the right price every time. Also, as a reminder, a few releases ago we added the ability to manage your pricing groups so that you can edit or delete them as needed.


Monitor the success of your campaigns by adding source codes to orders

Many of our users want to have more control over their marketing efforts and be able to determine which efforts are successful and which are... not so much. To help with this, you can now add source codes to your orders when checking out in the cart or when processing donations. The Commerce dashboard also has a Revenue by Source Code query to help monitor the success of your campaigns so that you can focus your efforts and make the most impact.


Enhancements to iMIS Advertising

For those who use iMIS Advertising, we’ve made it easier to manage your ad orders! You can now adjust posted media orders and we’ve added additional details to the advertiser search to make it easier to choose the right advertiser for the order.


Charge sales tax based on recipient’s zip code

Many states are now requiring product sales to pay taxes based on the destination that the order is being shipped to. You can now associate tax authorities with your zip codes so that iMIS will charge the appropriate tax based on where it is being shipped to.


Know when an iMIS upgrade is coming your way

Last, but not least, we want to make sure that you know when you’re going to receive the latest iMIS updates so we’ve added an upgrade notification that will show across the top of your Staff Site when your upgrade has been scheduled. Also, there will be a link to the latest What’s New page on our help site so that you can get the full details of everything that’s in the upcoming releases.


These are just a few of my favorite updates in the latest release of iMIS. For the full list, documentation, videos, and training, pay a visit to our What’s New page on the help site.


Take Your Learning Further


Looking for Past Product Updates?

Here are the last three iMIS EMS product updates.

Q2 2023 Product Update
  • Split gifts for fundraising
  • Enhanced speaker management
  • The ability to adjust memberships during the membership term
And more
Q1 2023 Product Update
  • Collapsible Staff Site navigation
  • Additional contact information gathered from event registrations
  • Automatic payment email notifications to members and donors

And more

Q4 2022 Product Update
  • Campaign Management available to all iMIS EMS Enterprise clients
  • New Report Writer templates
  • Staff Account page enhancements

And more


Want more details? Find documentation, videos, and training on our What’s New page on the help site.

Thank you again for being a part of the iMIS Community, we can’t do this without you. All of us here at ASI wish you continued growth and connections and I hope to see you at one of the many upcoming events!

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