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Q2 2024 iMIS Product Update

Discover the newest updates to iMIS EMS like invoice enhancements, Open ID Connect, and a refreshed member account page.

Get ready for the latest iMIS product update! We're excited to share new features and enhancements from the two recent iMIS EMS releases.

We love receiving your product feedback, whether it's suggestions for new features or your iMIS success stories. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at A big thank you to everyone who regularly reaches out to us - rest assured, we read and respond to each and every email we receive.


What's New in the Latest iMIS EMS Upgrades

You can always find information on the latest updates on our What’s New page, including links to our full documentation.

Here are some of the updates from the May 2024 and June 2024 releases that I’m excited about:

Adjusting the Bill to Contact on Unpaid Event Invoices

Easily modify the Bill to contact for unpaid event invoices that have an open balance. Once you make this modification, the original invoice is reversed, and a new invoice is issued to the designated contact. Learn more.

Adjusting the Bill to contact on unpaid event invoices in iMIS


Paying Invoices Using a Direct Link

Links can now be added to emails sent from iMIS to allow invoices to be paid without logging in. Direct payment links allow recipients (whether logged in or not) to view important invoice details and pay the full balance on a secure page. Now, outstanding invoices can be paid with a few simple clicks, or forwarded to someone else to make a payment.

Pay invoice


Identifying potential duplicate organizations based on name

Quickly spot possible duplicate organizations using their full name. To find organizations that share the same name, choose the Company Name formula in the manage duplicates settings.


Clearing all potential duplicate contacts

Contact Merge - Plus enables system administrators to eliminate potential duplicates for both individuals and organizations. This feature removes all duplicates from the Manage Duplicates tab and profile pages, reducing clutter from outdated searches. Cleared contacts may reappear if they meet the criteria in future searches.

Clearing all potential duplicate contacts


Public account page updates

The account pages visible to members have been refreshed to showcase the new Flat White responsive theme. This update includes changes to tabs and labels. The default public account pages now feature a Membership and Transactions tab, making related information more accessible. The Giving tab has been removed, and details about donations are now located on the Transactions tab.

member-facing account page


Simple and advanced modes for the Content HTML content item

The Content HTML content item now offers Simple and Advanced modes. Simple mode provides basic editing tools like headings, bullet points, and alignment options, while Advanced mode includes HTML capabilities and more comprehensive editing tools, such as applying CSS and format stripping.

Simple and advanced modes for the content HTML content item


Open ID Connect (OIDC) Available to Public Users

Public users can now access RiSE websites with external directory credentials. With iMIS OpenID Connect (OIDC), users can use their company’s external directory to log in to iMIS.  We currently support Azure AD and Okta.

Example: Your organization has specific credentials assigned to each employee to gain access to various systems. With the configuration of OpenID Connect in iMIS, those same credentials can be used to log in to iMIS without requiring a separate iMIS username and password.

 Open ID Connect (OIDC) for public users


Checking the settings for warnings and errors

For onboarding support and troubleshooting, the Settings Audit page highlights any errors or warnings resulting from misconfigured settings. After identifying these issues, you can go to the appropriate settings section and make the necessary adjustments to correct them.

Checking the settings for warnings and errors in iMIS



Take Your Learning Further

These updates are just a taste of the exciting enhancements in the latest iMIS release. For a comprehensive list, detailed documentation, videos, and training, visit the What’s New page on the help site. We can't wait to see how you leverage these updates!

Thank you again for being a part of the iMIS Community, we can’t do this without you. All of us here at ASI wish you continued growth and connections and I hope to see you at one of the many upcoming events!


Looking for Past Product Updates?

Here are the last two iMIS EMS product updates:

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