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Q2 2022 iMIS Product Update

Discover the newest features & updates available in iMIS including, 50+ new reports, Chapter and Event Dashboards, and fundraising request tracking.

Earlier this month, I had the distinct honor of taking part in an association technology panel, hosted by ASI Ambassador Raphael Badagliacca, and joined by Melissa Mack of Intuitive Business Concepts (IBC) and Cody Kauhl of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI). Panelist discussion focused on, in addition to learning exactly what precast concrete is (hint, it’s everywhere), how organizations are digitally transforming their businesses and adapting to the changing landscape that we’re all experiencing. 

I was intrigued when PCI described how they were leveraging the power of iMIS to find new ways to analyze their members, with the goal of providing increased member value. PCI shared how they created a directory of members and applied engagement scores to the list, by just giving a little extra weight to members who were more engaged with them. By adding this score, PCI took the traditional member directory, often used for referrals, and added another data dimension. Now they could showcase referenceable members, based on the member engagement data that they already had in their iMIS platform.

While PCI hasn’t rolled this out for their public directory, iMIS made it easy enough for them to build, demonstrate and deploy if and when they decide to use it. This reinforces the idea that with one common repository for all your data, plus the power of iMIS, and some creative have more options than ever before and can serve your members and donors in ways that can only be imagined. 

To build on this sort of innovation, our Development team is continuing to strengthen the iMIS Engagement Management System to continue to provide even more value to iMIS users, their members, and their donors.  


Work Smarter 

We all know the value of good data and the importance of providing iMIS users with the tools needed to gain insights into their members' engagement as well as the overall health of their organizations. In the 1st quarter of 2022, ASI Development has focused on, among other things, strengthening the business intelligence capabilities in iMIS to quantify engagements, allowing your organization to continuously improve and monitor overall performance. To this end, here are some of the new features that you’ll see in the latest version of iMIS: 


Over 50+ Sample Reports Now Included

While iMIS Report Writer has been available for a while now, we’ve increased the standard library of sample reports. iMIS now includes sample reports for over 50 common reports, covering key departmental areas including Events, Fundraising, Membership and Commerce. iMIS users can easily clone and customize these sample reports to reflect their unique needs. In this update, there are new sample Event and Fundraising Dashboards that can be used as-is or tailored to report the information that’s most important to you. 




We Heard You! New Chapter and Event-specific Dashboards 

Speaking of dashboards, most areas within iMIS start with a dashboard. These dashboards give you an overall view of key KPIs that are important to that part of your business. Q2 updates bring a new Chapter-specific Dashboard and an Event-specific Dashboard. Included in the Event-specific Dashboard are purposeful queries to streamline your event questionnaires and provide insights to various discounts and promotions used by registrants during the registration process. These enhancements were added in response to user feedback, so please continue to provide suggestions!




Tie Fundraising Outreach to Specific Gifts & Pledges 

For fundraising professionals, we are continuing to add the features that you need to increase your donations and serve your organization’s mission. Fundraising requests allow you to track activities, such as phone calls, letters, and emails asking for gifts or pledges and associate donations with the requests that prompted them.  


Explore The Latest Enhancements 

If you’re interested in more information about iMIS new features, a complete list of new features in iMIS EMS is available here. You can also watch ASI Training's recent video covering the latest updates to iMIS EMS Enterprise:

iMIS Updates, Q2, 2022 from ASI Training

This video and future iMIS feature update videos can also be found in the Learning Hub.

Again, thank you for being a part of the iMIS Community. We’re always happy to hear from you. If you have any product feedback, or would like to share your iMIS EMS success stories, please feel free to get in touch. We can be reached at 

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