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Meet the July 2023 iMIS Great Things Award Winners

Meet the July award winners who are doing great things with iMIS to embrace digital transformation for their organizations to improve member, donor and community engagement.


The iMIS Great Things Awards were created to celebrate and recognize clients (and their solution provider partners) who are using iMIS more, using it better and getting greater value from the platform. The award is not about being perfect, but is about committing to and striving for continuous performance improvement and using iMIS to advance your mission by serving your donors and community at the highest levels.

Awarded monthly, we review countless submissions from the iMIS community, sharing stories on the great things their peers, colleagues and partners are achieving. We are pleased to announce the July 2023 winners:

National League for Nursing Linkwest



Congratulations to the National League of Nursing (NLN)

National League for Nursing

Starting with the Performance Improvement Advisory Service, the NLN upgraded to iMIS EMS – the latest version of iMIS.

Marie Dufresne, NLN Database Administrator told us, “It is wonderful to be a Great Things Awards winner for the month of July. As I mentioned in the video, the goal is to build lots of success and continuously evolve. Thank you for giving us the guidelines to do so.” 

In June 2021 the National League for Nursing engaged with Advanced Solutions International through its Performance Improvement Advisory Service to create a structured and ordered roadmap to move the organization from its older version of iMIS to the latest version of iMIS, iMIS EMS.   

Since starting the PIAS, following the roadmap that was created, adding items, when necessary, the NLN team is now poised to begin and iMIS EMS Migration Program in mid-August.

NLN’s diligent execution of this roadmap included completing a long list of action items in the iMIS EMS implementation plan; which included retiring old customizations, upgrade of Solomon accounting software to the cloud version, increasing buy-in from staff, and replacing Salesforce with IMIS for managing their certification programs.

Beginning in March 2022, NLN convened an interdepartmental iMIS Steering Committee which has enabled the NLN team to conduct regular interdepartmental discussions so that each department was working with the others and not making decisions that negatively impacted the other departments. The committee focuses on exploring the needs and concerns of the following departments: Membership, Certification, Communications and Events.  At the first meeting of this Steering Committee, the group explored priorities, discussing each department’s needs and ranking projects. They have been meeting regularly ever since.

Congratulations to the National League of Nursing team for its iMIS evolution, successfully executing its Performance Improvement roadmap, and instilling a culture of Continuous Performance Improvement within the organization.



Congratulations to Linkwest

iMIS EMS provides Linkwest with improved reporting, improved interactions with members and increased staff productivity.


As the Peak Body in Western Australian Peak for Neighbourhood and Community Resource Centres, Linkwest supports Neighbourhood and Community Resource Centres to develop vibrant, inclusive, and connected communities in this region.

In 2022, Linkwest made the decision to move from Associations Online (AO) to iMIS EMS.  Linkwest was ready to move to the next level, moving to the iMIS Engagement Management System (EMS) because it is purpose-built for the way associations and non-profits work, and provided the Linkwest team with the flexibility it needed to extend and grow.

The decision to make this move was driven by a need to improve the member experience and engagement, streamline processes for staff, and improve reporting by capturing and analysis of data for reporting purposes.

As a peak body, Linkwest highly depends on reporting to Governmental bodies and the move to iMIS EMS is enabling them to improve the user experience from a web design perspective.  

“iMIS is helping us provide a more holistic approach to our member online experience especially in accessing resources and interacting with us including attending events. Accessibility is an essential aspect of user interface design and Linkwest's partnership with iMIS has helped us customise our user interface to better address member needs.”

Congratulations to the Linkwest team for its digital transformation to iMIS and its continued evolution with iMIS EMS.


Showcase Your Digital Transformation

We love hearing and sharing the great things that the iMIS community is achieving. You’re invited to share your iMIS story on how your association, union or non-profit has transformed your overall performance, streamlined your business processes, improved member engagement, increased member retention, or any way that iMIS helps you achieve your mission’s goals and keeps you ready for the next big thing.

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