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Engage Members at These 5 Online Touchpoints

Make members feel valued with personalized content. Learn tips for better retention and financial stability by engaging members in five key areas.

Successful membership organizations design highly personalized experiences. This keeps members coming back for more.


Your members feel seen and heard with personalized content. Members will renew year after year because they know you value them and their needs. This loyalty drives steady retention rates and financials. You'll also build a core group you can depend on for advocacy initiatives.

Personalized member content makes members feeling valued, which leads to better retention and steady financials.

A Single Source of Truth for your membership data is at the heart of personalized content. Not sure where to start? Check out our guide on how and why to create a Single Source of Truth.

Each touchpoint matters and there are specific ways you can leverage each one to achieve your objectives.


Engage Members at These 5 Online Touchpoints (with tips)

1. Websites and Member Portals

Your website and member portals can be a goldmine of opportunity to engage your members.

You can serve up personalized content, including:

  • Specialized offers (resources/events/ discounts, etc.) when they log in
  • Personalized messages about news they will find interesting
  • Reminders about renewals or new resources
  • Forum posts on topics they care about
  • Polls that ask about issues that affect them
  • Continuing education they may need
  • Industry news tailored to their interests
  • Celebrate when they reach key milestones with you, i.e., one-year anniversary, birthday, etc.

All of this refers back to the member persona and the journey map. To be successful, you need to map the optimal content/resources to the right person at the right stage in the member journey.

Free Guide

Guide: How to craft an unforgettable online experience for your members

How member-centric organizations design highly personalized online environments that draw members in and keep them coming back


2. Member Communications

With a Single Source of Truth, you can create personalized emails that:

  • Drive members to key sections of your website
  • Highlight new features and resources
  • Motivate them to act (such as buying a new book, registering for training, signing a petition, etc.)
  • Track opens and clicks to follow their progress

This personalization produces new intelligence to use in future communications with them. You can also automate the production of personalized emails, texts, and push notifications based on personas. This tailored approach will show members you value them.


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3. Social Media

Integration between your social media and member engagement management system creates a seamless experience that increases convenience and satisfaction.

When a member signs in with a social media account, your system should automatically create a new account. The member will be able to use one single log in for both social media and your portal. By removing the need for multiple log ins, you'll attract more visits to your site.

And don't forget to make it easy for website visitors to share content from your site to their social media accounts. This enhances your visibility and reputation.


4. Mobile App

Like most associations, you may offer a mobile app for annual conferences and other special events.

But you're leaving money on the table if you don't leverage the significant benefits of a year-round mobile app. It's a great way to increase engagement, create community among members, and easily get time-sensitive information out to your membership base.

With association software that integrates with best-of-breed mobile applications, you can:

  • Leverage Two-Way Communication. With a mobile app, you are not just talking to members, they can communicate back to you and to their peers.
  • Put Members in Control. With push notifications, members can determine the types of news and alerts they want to receive from you.
  • Get Real-Time Feedback. Use polls to identify at-risk members, those eager to advance their careers, and potential advocates for your industry.

Bonus: A year-round mobile app provides an opportunity to generate additional non-dues/non-membership fee revenue. Sponsors can pay to place mobile banner ads, splash screens, and sponsored content in your mobile app.

More on this topic from the experts at Clowder: The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Engagement

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5. Event Websites and Apps

Through your public website, event microsite, or mobile app, you can:

  • Share agenda details
  • Coordinate speaker abstracts and bios
  • Foster discussions
  • Poll on key issues — to get immediate feedback on time-sensitive matters
  • Amp up the excitement around your conference/meeting
  • Appeal for volunteers
  • Emphasize the need for continuing education

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The Bottom Line

If your membership management platform brings all member information into one place, you can create highly personalized member content. Your members feel valued and come back year after year.

Free Guide

It’s Not You, It’s Your Data Silos

This educational guide highlights how a Single Source of Truth (SSoT) is the key to trusting your member data. You'll also learn the 6 detrimental effects data silos have on the member experience.

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