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Digital Transformation

For Digital Transformation, iMIS Should be Your Go-To

Although every association’s digital transformation will look different, iMIS is reliably at the center, because it's designed with your association in mind.

Associations that intend to thrive in the coming decades all know it: digital transformation is necessary. As your organization approaches its own digital transformation, the options may seem overwhelming. Although no two digital transformations are exactly alike, there’s one thing every association’s digital transformation should have in common: a comprehensive and reliable solution for member engagement.

You probably already know that iMIS, the world's only Engagement Management System (EMS), gives you the insight and functionality you need to effectively run multiple aspects of your organization. But did you know that this means your entire digital transformation can hinge on iMIS?

If you’re already an iMIS user, this may come as no surprise. An EMS enterprise solution like iMIS works like a home base for your organization’s digital operations. But if you’re not yet part of the iMIS community, you could be surprised just how much momentum you can gain after a successful iMIS implementation.

What is Digital Transformation? 

So what is digital transformation? You’ve most likely seen a lot of definitions out there, and most of them probably focus on what the term means in relation to for-profit businesses. Here’s a better question: what does digital transformation mean for nonprofits and associations?

At its core, digital transformation means the full-scale adoption of digital technologies in every aspect of your organization. The key idea is that it’s a holistic process that affects everything you do. So if you’re an association executive, digital transformation means incorporating digital technology into your efforts to engage your membership, pursue your mission, and accomplish the unique goals you set.

One of the advantages of digital transformation is that you gain access to powerful tools that can scale and shift with you. When your organization changes, you have tools that can change too. The flexibility you have as a digitally transformed association is critical to your ability to adapt and respond to challenges of all kinds.

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While digital transformation includes changing which tools you’re using in your day-to-day operations, it's also much more than that.

When you replace old tools like paper ledgers and landlines with new, digital tools, you don’t just keep on doing business like before. Everything about how you do the important work you do, how you engage your members, and how your digital presence is managed will change.

It also changes how people interact with your organization, whether they’re members, vendors, or anyone else. If you’re an association, you know your members are at the heart of everything you do. Your digital transformation changes the member experience into one that is more responsive, more modern, and more satisfying.

Because digital transformation changes everything, you must change how you think about your organization. Roles like fundraising, customer service, and business operations may not translate exactly like you expect.

The key is to remain agile, and to remember how digital transformation will affect everyone critical to your organization.



One of the most important aspects of digital transformation to consider is how things will change for your members. Increased functionality and flexibility in your organization can extend to the member experience, and it should!

As your organization creates internal processes that are more modern, more efficient, and more effective, those benefits will improve the quality of members’ experiences across the member journey. For example, automated payment processes make financial transactions faster and easier for both you and your members, as will other high-quality online solutions.

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Business decisions you make based on the data available to you are likely to better reflect your members’ desires. A more modern experience can only be good for your members.


Leadership & Staff

As you incorporate digital technologies into your organization, that can mean roles will change. Staff may need to learn to make effective use of new iMIS integrations or other tools, while leadership may need to work on a digital strategy that is most suited to their goals. These things can take time but are well worth the benefits.

It’s also important to consider the cultural shift that will happen in your organization as part of a digital transformation. Remember, we’re talking about more than just using better tools. Association leaders and staff will need to have the mindset and work style appropriate for being a digital partner to every organization and member they work with.

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Where Does iMIS Fit Into Your Digital Transformation?

iMIS is a purpose-built platform for associations to engage members in the digital age. Although every association’s digital transformation will look different and may incorporate different digital solutions, iMIS is reliably at the center.

Why? To put it succinctly, it’s the only comprehensive digital platform designed with your association in mind. You don’t do what other kinds of organizations do, even if you use some of the same tools.

Because member engagement is at the heart of how you operate, iMIS enables greater opportunities for growth through strategic communication and reporting. It’s designed with the knowledge that your growth is based on member engagement and retention, so you get the tools you need to ensure success in these areas.

Continuous upgrades and a range of available integrations like financeSYNC, our Sage Intacct integration for iMIS, make iMIS a responsive and agile platform for organizations that need to be responsive and agile. Nothing stays the same for long in the digital age!


iMIS Dashboards


Why Digital Transformation Matters

Digital transformation brings your organization into a world of analytical possibility. The volume of data that becomes available when you effectively leverage digital tools and data analysis techniques is an invaluable resource. This resource can inform and improve processes across your entire organization. Data-driven decision-making is essential to the modern nonprofit and association industry.

Automation is another key advantage. When you use digital technology solutions that communicate with each other, more of your information is shared where it needs to be. The result? Improved efficiency and clarity in your automation gif

You’re able to do more in less time with fewer tools. The outcomes are overwhelmingly positive.


enSYNC is Your Technology Partner for iMIS

enSYNC logoWe hope this was an informative and interesting look at how iMIS lies at the heart of your digital transformation. Want to learn how to get more with iMIS? We offer services from integrations to upgrades to your iMIS database. Take a look at all the ways we can help:

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