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Meet the April 2023 iMIS Great Things Award Winner

Meet the April award winner who is doing great things with iMIS to embrace digital transformation for their foundation and improve donor engagement. 


The iMIS Great Things Awards were created to celebrate and recognize clients and (their solution provider partners) who are using iMIS more, using it better and getting greater value from the platform; the award is not about being perfect, but it is about committing to and striving for continuous performance improvement using iMIS to advance your mission by serving your donors and community at the highest levels. 

Awarded monthly, we review countless submissions from the iMIS community, sharing stories on the great things their peers, colleagues and partners are achieving. We are pleased to announce the April 2023 winner:

Congratulations to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation for their iMIS Website

Alpha Chi Omega Foundation’s new iMIS website and their overall use of iMIS allowed them to launch their capital campaign, "Common Bond. Uncommon Impact". This campaign seeks to sustain their vision to shape the future through powerful, transformative and everlasting connections.

Visiting their campaign website, you will see that they are using a RiSE website that details the efforts for their capital campaign. This page leverages core iMIS iParts that have been styled (e.g., board leadership is based on a panel source; recent donations are a styled IQA query).   The attractive new website is intuitive, easy to navigate, intentional (a lot of thought went into the order, the design and the content), and layout of the pages (uncluttered).

This RiSE website has been the focal point for their campaign efforts and is the "front door" to their donor base.

Additionally, they have built out their own Campaign dashboards (with assistance from their Authorized iMIS Solution Provider, Computer Systems Innovations). iMIS is powering their entire campaign.


Showcase Your Digital Transformation

We love hearing and sharing the great things that the iMIS community is achieving. You’re invited to share your iMIS story on how your association, union or non-profit has transformed your overall performance, streamlined your business processes, improved member engagement, increased member retention, or any way that iMIS helps you achieve your mission’s goals and keeps you ready for the next big thing.

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