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The Power of the Partner Ecosystem

Discover how commitment, expertise and collaboration give the iMIS partner channel its power for supporting the iMIS user community.

Ecosystem has become an increasingly popular term to describe how different elements work together as a unit to drive sustainable business outcomes for non-profits. From the beginning, iMIS has had a unique partner channel. Partnership is central to the success of the thousands of organizations leveraging iMIS. The iMIS partner channel is made up of independent businesses with an investment in client success. These elements, when combined, form the global partner ecosystem for iMIS.

The partners are iMIS experts. They play a role in extending iMIS and helping organizations optimize the value realized from the platform. They are also industry experts who can tailor solutions to meet the unique and diverse needs of various industry sectors. These partners collaborate with ASI, the developers of iMIS, to better serve clients and anticipate needs.

There is a powerful real-world dynamism achieved when independent entities with industry experience collaborate within the iMIS Community to help organizations advance their mission and vision.

Bursting Silver (iMIS partners) at the iNNOVATIONS Conference in Toronto


An iMIS partner high fives a client An ASI staff member greets an iMIS partner
iMIS partners receive an award at the iNNOVATIONS Conference An iMIS client and an iMIS partner pose for a picture at the iNNOVATIONS Conference iMIS partners receive an award at the iNNOVATIONS Conference


The Power of the Partner Ecosystem

We interviewed a number of partners to compile quick insights on what gives the iMIS partner channel its power:

Rich Knowledge of iMIS

“Most AiSPs (Authorized iMIS Solution Providers) have been channel partners for a decade or more.  Their knowledge of the iMIS software is rich.  Their desire to understand and address the needs of the association industry is also rich, giving them a unique understanding and perspective on providing solutions.  Our staff and others are comprised of consultants that came from the association industry giving them a unique understanding of the needs of not for profit and trade associations.”

Megan Shankle, ISG Solutions

Partner since 1993


Specialized Expertise with a Proven Track Record

“The iMIS partner channel derives its power from several key factors:

  1. Strong Network: The iMIS partner channel is a strong network of trusted partners who have deep expertise in implementing and supporting iMIS. 
  2. Specialized Expertise: Partners have specialized expertise in areas such as implementation, extension, customization, integration and support.
  3. Proven Track Record: The iMIS partner channel’s members have a proven track record of successfully implementing and supporting iMIS for a variety of organizations.
  4. Access to Resources: Partners have access to a wide range of resources, including training, support, and marketing.”

Bob Lane, Lane Services, LLC

Partner since 2001


Merit-Driven Collaboration

“The iMIS partner channel at its core is a merit-driven collaboration that maximizes client choices for high-quality partners and products. The partners not only provide consulting support and develop important feature enhancements but also help to guide best practices and align iMIS product offerings to client needs.”

Joe John, John Consulting

Partner since 2012


Driving Greater Value for the Client

“The iMIS Partner Ecosystem is made up of professional consulting organizations that pool their collective knowledge and collaborate on how to help associations, fraternities and other non-profit clients be more successful. No other solution in the marketplace offers the combination of product expertise via ASI and industry expertise via the iMIS Partner. This partnership ultimately drives greater value to the end client and gets things right the first time without costly rework and future enhancements…because we know the client’s industry! This is very powerful and ultimately leads to a lower total cost of ownership over the long haul. There’s nothing else like this in the industry.” 
Bill Boehner, CSI, Inc. 

Partner since 1991


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