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The Importance of Professional Development in Your Non-Profit Career

Professional development through certification programs and continual learning are critical to your success in achieving your career goals.

When’s the last time you invested in YOU? The non-profit professional world is becoming increasingly competitive and is constantly changing.

Professional development through certification programs and continual learning are critical to your success in achieving your career goals. For some, becoming a CAE through ASAE's Certified Association Executive Credential Program solidifies their association professional status. For others, becoming an expert in the technologies you use every day to optimize and transform your organization is key to advancing your association's mission. Either way, adding a professional designation to your name showcases your level of excellence in your line of work.

The projected growth rate for tech jobs over the next decade is nearly twice the national jobs rate. (CompTIA)




3 Benefits of Professional Development

Below are just three of the many benefits you will experience when you focus on your professional development.


1) You will gain a new perspective.

No one enjoys feeling like they are behind or lack the skillset to perform their job duties. Stay relevant through continuing education courses and certifications to broaden your knowledge of the tools you use every day. You’ll increase your skillset, learn best practices and gain a new perspective on how to approach your job and inevitable change.

By 2025, 50% of employees will require reskilling. (Think Impact)

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2) You will gain a competitive advantage.

Sharpen your skills to stay ahead. Having an expert skillset coupled with efficient job performance will always lead to a competitive advantage over another potential job-seeking candidate.

A third of workers under 40 have considered a career change in just the last two years (Washington Post)


3) You will gain professional credibility.

Actions speak louder than words. Stay up to date with changes in your field through continuing education courses, becoming certified in coveted skills, participating in online industry forums, listening to industry podcasts, and don't forget networking with other professionals...these are all opportunities to help you pay attention to emerging trends and internalize them, so you can become a trusted influencer in your organization (and potentially your industry).

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Professional Certifications Now Available for Popular Association Software

Advanced Solutions International (ASI), the developers of the iMIS engagement management system (EMS), recently acquired two popular association and non-profit software platforms in the last year: TopClass learning management system (LMS) and OpenWater application and review software. All three platforms provide critical capabilities to association and non-profit professionals and their organizations as they manage a variety of key programs, processes and facilitate engagement with members and donors. Professional certification programs are now available for all three products:


Become a Certified OpenWater Administrator (COWA)

Certified OpenWater AdministratorNew! The COWA certification program is geared toward users who want to get the most out of their OpenWater system. Obtaining a COWA certification is critical for OpenWater users who seek to lead and champion the use of OpenWater in their association. The COWA is suitable for more than just users, as the certification program is also designed to act as a bootcamp for industry consultants and partners seeking to lead implementations. Learn more about obtaining your COWA.


Become a Certified TopClass LMS Administrator (CTCA)

Certified TopClass AdministratorNew! The new CTCA certification program is designed to align your skills and experience with TopClass LMS’s best practice methods and solutions. TopClass LMS users who obtain a CTCA will become experts in all aspects of the TopClass LMS system including utilizing the latest features and functions, while learning best practices for engaging with their members and donors through the platform. Learn more about obtaining your CTCA.


Become a Certified iMIS Administrator (CiA)

Certified iMIS Administrator badgeDid you know that over 55 iMIS users are now CiAs? Suitable for both the power and newbie iMIS user, getting certified as a CiA will sharpen your iMIS skillset and maximize your use in your organization. iMIS capabilities have the potential to touch every department at your association and by becoming an expert, you’ll have the knowledge on how to optimize so you can better serve and engage your members and donors. Learn more about obtaining your CiA.


As technologies and best practices continually evolve, make it your priority to regularly develop your skill and knowledge set. Become certified on iMIS, OpenWater and TopClass LMS today.

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