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3 Ways Career Centers Increase Member Engagement

Year after year, career advancement is cited as a top reason for joining an association. Retain and recruit members by offering personalized insights.

Association career centers provide non-dues revenue but, more importantly, a unique and valuable member benefit. There’s no better time to support your members than now! Many have felt the ‘Great Resignation’ impact – it’s made for a unique and difficult hiring market for employers but has made for a strong candidate market, giving job seekers and workers the upper hand. Help retain and engage your current members looking for their next career move with powerful resources found in your career center!

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Offer Personalized Career Insights to Members

Year after year, career advancement is cited as a top reason for joining an association. Giving your members the tools they want and need to take the next step in their careers is a great way to retain loyal members as well as attract new members! Offering a tool like Career Paths allows your members to build a roadmap of the different tracks they could take on their journey to their dream careers. Job seekers can see how their current skills match the skills needed for the desired position and can always stay in the know with customized and automated job alerts.

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With nearly unlimited job descriptions available, members are able to narrow down the exact job title and role they aspire to have and gain the insights necessary to get there. With Career Paths integrated directly into your association job board, members can see which companies are hiring for the jobs that they are most interested in. 

Knowledge is power! Career Paths also allows members to learn more about the training, credentialing, and events available to help accelerate their careers - many of these resources are unique to the association! As a result, members receive insightful data aimed at helping them chart their personalized paths and ultimately increase engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction rates. 


Unlock Online Resources

To increase member engagement, it’s important to market courses and certification training you offer, as well as promote events and your career center. These valuable resources help drive value and generate both member and non-member engagement. Your career center provides endless resources for members and non-members, and that holds major value! It can provide educational assets, resume critique services, and networking tips. 

Regular communication with your members about their membership benefits will encourage them to continuously come back to your association for their career-related needs.  



Utilize Digital Banners

Banner ads are a proven method to keep users interacting with your career center from your association homepage. These can be sold to employers to help drive revenue and traffic to specific job postings, and it’s also a great way to promote upcoming events, like career fairs or annual meetings. 

Member engagement is critical to any organization. That means your member engagement strategy will be ever-changing. Still, with consistent effort and focus on the value provided to your members, your members will be reminded why they joined your association in the first place.  


Ready to Make Your Association the Go-To Source for Your Members? 

Web Scribble provides market-leading, innovative career center software to thousands of customers and hundreds of associations around the world. Associations depend on Web Scribble's job board software to provide clear member value, develop deep member insight and enhanced engagement, connect talented and qualified job seekers with the right employers, drive non-dues revenue, and advance shared missions. Schedule some time to learn how to upgrade your career center, today.

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