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8 Reasons Why Association Executive Directors Love iMIS

Association executive directors share 8 reasons why they chose iMIS to help them achieve continuous performance improvement.

As every executive director knows, continually improving your organizational performance is critical to the future of your association.

And at the heart of your organization is your association software platform acting as its hub, its core, its nucleus. 

Ensure your association’s heart beats strongly by partnering with a technology solution that optimizes your performance and transforms your association into a learning organization, one that continuously learns from every member's interaction, growing not only your membership but your overall business. 

iMIS is the perfect technology partner for association leaders. Here are 8 reasons association executive directors shared with us on why they chose iMIS:


8 Reasons Why Association Executive Directors Love iMIS


1. iMIS gives you an authoritative Single Source of Truth (SSoT) so you can fully trust your data.

One of the best ways to effectively run your business is to trust your data. Your members’ data has the power to give you insights into every aspect of their journey with you, including their interests, preferences and goals. If your data is stored in a separate CRM, AMS, CMS, accounting system, events platform, in spreadsheets (the horror!) and other locations... then how can you even begin to piece together a member’s journey with you? On the flip side, siloed data can negatively affect and alienate your members since they can't easily see the value of your membership offerings.

By consolidating your data into the iMIS Engagement Management System (EMS) platform, you can begin to craft unique and personalized member experiences. With every interaction, you’ll gain intelligence on their personas, website behavior, buyer habits and more, so you can begin to predict their future engagement with you. You’ll have created an environment where you are learning from every touchpoint.

iMIS holds all of your data from billing, events, spreadsheets, a CMS, and more.


2. iMIS is a membership powerhouse. iMIS has everything you need to run your membership, member portals and websites.

Your membership is the lifeblood of your association. Ensure you are providing the best experience possible by anticipating needs with personalized engagement, convenient self-service options and accurate billing.

How personalized is your constituents’ experience when they log into your member portal? Are you able to offer discounts to future events based on past attendance? Can you automate alerts based on their interactions...or lack thereof? Do you offer automatic renewal options? These examples highlight ways to engage with your members on a personal level...based on that individual member’s past behavior and stated preferences. iMIS allows you to personalize every engagement so you can always exceed expectations.


3. iMIS natively handles complex financial requirements with ease.

iMIS has everything you need to meet complicated financial requirements. It's built to handle the most complex pricing configurations, with the power to streamline your entire organization’s invoicing, natively and out of the box. Your membership data is always in sync with your accounting data so you can always be confident in your invoicing. Month and year-end processes are a breeze.


4. iMIS has the power to manage unique processes and business requirements out-of-the-box – no code configuration necessary. 

We've worked with over 4,000 associations, unions and non-profits for over three decades. We’ve built iMIS for the way these organizations work at their core, including required functionality for specialty organizations like bar associations, medical associations, clubs, regulatory bodies, international unions, dioceses and many, many more. 

We understand your business model. We’ve built iMIS to include configurable tools that flexibly fit your needs without reliance on customizations that break your upgrade path.


5. iMIS is extremely flexible because of its web development tools.

Non-technical staff can add and edit their own websites with easy access to iMIS data.

NAWIC Responsive Website - Laptop and Mobile 


6. iMIS compatibility with best-of-breed app solutions and embedded modern technologies, like Exago business intelligence (BI) for reporting, offers clients excellent choices to stay on top of a changing business and technical landscape. 


Best of Breed App Solutions

iMIS connects to your favorite apps, from solutions like Higher Logic online communities and email marketing, to TopClass learning management, to the year-round mobile app by Clowder. Experience optimized and powerful integrations with our growing best-of-breed app solutions directory,

Go a step further by adding the power of automation to the iMIS platform with Zapier or Microsoft Power Automate. Automate your workflows, processes, data updates, and even Slack notifications... your only limitation is the imagination.

Higher Logic Topclass logo


Clowder OpenWater Logo Zapier Power automate

Business Intelligence

Not only does iMIS come with powerful tools, like the Intelligent Query Architect (IQA) to build complex queries and configurable Dashboards for you to slice and dice your member data, but iMIS also comes embedded with Exago business intelligence in its Report Writer. Exago gives non-technical staff the power to create drag-and-drop BI reports and dashboards with interactive data visualizations, geo-maps, drilldowns, linked dashboards, and more.

The iMIS development team is always looking to enhance iMIS with the latest tools to help you optimize and gain insight into your organization's performance.



7. Choosing iMIS means that when you’re ready, you can easily add on any ASI owned complementary products: SpaceMaster, OpenWater award management software, and TopClass learning management software.

Advanced Solutions International (ASI), developer of iMIS, recently added two app solutions to its product lineup that are critical to the needs of membership organizations: TopClass learning management and OpenWater application and review software. These solutions complement the iMIS Engagement Management System platform with unique best-of-breed functionality and both are seamlessly integrated with jointly aligned product roadmaps. Your staff will not only have a complete picture of your membership’s engagement with you, but confidence that as all three products evolve, they will grow stronger together.

OpenWater application & review software


TopClass LMS



8. iMIS is a stable, supported, and scalable solution powered by Microsoft Azure. 

iMIS puts its trust in Microsoft, the most successful business technology company. 

  • Powered by Microsoft Azure – By harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure, iMIS keeps clients current with seamless, automatic updates and best-in-class data security to relieve IT burden for staff.
  • Configured for peak performance & security: ASI invests over $2M+ into iMIS security each year, including secure development practices, multiple layers of protection with iMIS, and Microsoft and data security experts on staff ensuring 24/7/365 security and performance monitoring.
  • Extend with powerful business apps: iMIS offers seamless integrations with Microsoft’s Office Suite of apps and endless automation capabilities with Microsoft Power Automate.


microsoft cloud solution provider


iMIS has a proven track record

In 1991, ASI launched iMIS, the world’s only complete, and all-in-one packaged solution, for association management that followed industry standards as a software product. iMIS was also built from day one with a linear upgrade path so all iMIS clients could enjoy the newest and latest technologies, without having to implement a new solution, because the iMIS upgrade path ensures that no one is left behind.

In fact, our first client still uses iMIS today, Texas Land Title Association became the first association to trust iMIS to manage its association. Today, they are live on the latest version: the iMIS Engagement Management System in the cloud, having used nearly every version of iMIS along the way.

We’re committed to providing award-winning solutions, services, education, training and resources to ensure our clients can achieve continuous performance improvement.

When you join the ASI family, you’ll instantly tap into a network of thousands of association and non-profit professionals, hundreds of industry technology experts, consulting partners and more. We offer the highest level of education for all product lines, including a variety of technical and strategic certifications, learning pathways, exhaustive documentation, and award-winning support.

Innovation continues to drive the evolution and excellence of iMIS. The entire iMIS team is proud that iMIS continues to be recognized as the leader in association software.


Achieve More with a Platform as Unique as You 

You can’t afford to be held back by complicated systems that weren’t originally designed for you. Only iMIS is purpose-built for the way associations work and designed to meet your unique core membership needs with the flexibility to extend and grow, all with automatic continuous upgrades.

iMIS is purpose-built for the way associations, unions and membership organizations work so you can: 

  • Get a complete picture of your membership with a single data source. 
  • Easily handle your complex billing and pricing structures. 
  • Delight members with personalized web experiences through microsites and member portals.
  • Extend the iMIS platform with support for powerful best-of-breed association and business apps, including Microsoft Power Automate and Zapier, with the iMIS Marketplace.
  • Eliminate expensive layers of customizations with native CRM, AMS, CMS and accounting functionality.

See why over 4,000 organizations trust iMIS as their platform. Request a demo from our team today to see how iMIS is purpose-built to handle your complexities from its core, freeing you to focus on your mission, not your technology.

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