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ASI Launches App Marketplace for the iMIS Engagement Management System

ASI announced today the launch of an extensive new app marketplace for the iMIS Engagement Management System (EMS).

Alexandria, VA (May 6, 2021) Advanced Solutions International (ASI), a leading global provider of software and services for associations and non-profits, announced today the launch of an extensive new app marketplace for the iMIS Engagement Management System (EMS). Learn more at

The Marketplace offers carefully selected integrations between iMIS and the most popular and meaningful solutions for associations and non-profits, including Higher Logic, OpenWater, TopClass by WBT, Clowder, and more. It also offers integrations between iMIS and popular commercial solutions such as Zoom, Zapier, and Microsoft Outlook.

In addition, the Marketplace lists add-on applications developed specifically for iMIS clients by ASI's global channel of Authorized iMIS Solution Providers (AiSPs), including the iMIS Data Management Suite by CSI, CertificationBank by Get Efficient, and the iMIS Bridge by ATS.

The Integrations featured in the Marketplace are vetted and approved by ASI specifically for use by associations and non-profits, and as such represent the most robust and reliable integrations available. Using iMIS's advanced REST API, they are engineered to deliver the most advanced degree of integration available, ensuring iMIS will maintain the most complete and accurate single record of truth regardless of the source system generating the data.

iMIS is the only solution that combines core association and non-profit features with a fully documented REST API for integrations, a development platform for add-on applications, and a global partner channel to help meet unique client requirements.

"iMIS has always been an open system with strong integration capabilities and a powerful development platform," said Edward Wendling, Global Vice President of Marketing. "With the iMIS Marketplace, we are simply making it easier and more convenient for our association and non-profit clients to find the specific integrations and add-ons they're looking for."

About ASI

Advanced Solutions International (ASI) is a leading global provider of products, programs, and services that help associations and non-profits improve operational and financial performance. Since 1991 we've helped thousands of clients grow revenue and reduce expenses by providing industry expertise, best practice advice, and proven solutions.

ASI is the developer of iMIS EMS, the world's #1 association and non-profit software solution, and the only Engagement Management System (EMS)™ – fusing database management and web publishing into a single system – leading to operational efficiencies, revenue growth, and continuous performance improvement. Harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure's cloud platform, iMIS EMS is purpose-built to meet the most important challenge facing associations and non-profits – Engagement. We have a global network of nearly 100 partners to provide you with a full range of services to implement and support your iMIS EMS platform.

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